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Proline Petfood

Proline Petfood is part of Scholtus Special Products B.V., one of the first European producers of snacks and treats for our beloved pets. For more than 25 years, dogs and cats have enjoyed Scholtus and Proline products.

In the 1980s, Scholtus started the production of natural treats and in the 1990s also moved into the private label production of semi moist extruded products. In early 2000, they moved to a new production unit and started production of multi-coloured snacks. In 2004, Scholtus was awarded the IFS accreditation for the first time, followed by the BRC accreditation in 2008 .

At the end of 2011, Scholtus bought Proline Petfood. With that acquisition the company acquired the portfolio and the brands Boxby and Hello Dog / Hello Cat. Boxby is sold at pet specialty retailers in Europe. The focus of Hello Dog / Hello Cat lies on supermarket chains. In 2014, new production lines were added to fuel further growth, to maintain flexibility but also to be able to produce larger runs efficiently, resulting in a wide selection of semi moist products that can easily compete with and even surpass the top brands.

Apart from the changes in the ‘hardware’, the most important probably were the changes made to the sales approach. Apart from healthy and innovative treats, Scholtus now endeavours to support its customers by developing a partnership in category management and to sell concepts rather than just products.

Many consumers do not even realise how the products they buy for their pets are developed and where they are being produced. Chances are that their pet treats were made in Scholtus’ factory located in Renswoude, in the centre of the Netherlands.

Safety standards
With over 100 customers in Europe, ranging from pet specialty stores, supermarkets to discount stores, Scholtus can justifiable be called one of the most well-known companies in its field. With its focus on the ‘blue chip’ customers in pet specialty and retail, Scholtus-Proline has chosen to adopt the IFS and BRC food standards. In the last seven years, Scholtus has received several high-level accreditations. Investments in QA systems cannot be successful without properly training staff and specialists in different fields, such as production, QC and R&D, but also in logistics, marketing and finance. New insights in the market resulted in a significant capital expansion programme in 2014, along with a reshuffling of focus areas of Scholtus’ management team.

Main brands
Boxby offers a comprehensive and exclusive range of fresh meat-based snacks and treats a well as various semi moist products. Boxby products cover all life stages (puppy/kitten, adult, senior) for dogs and cats, offering functional products that support the development of healthy bones as well as general health products including multivitamins and joint care formulations. Single protein formulations have helped pet owners with their pets’ allergies and treat them with treats every day. A similar, but not as wide, Hello Dog / Hello Cat range is available for supermarkets.


Scholtus supports the Boxby brand with selected distributors in most European countries and emphasises the brand’s core values: quality, innovation, health, concept and partnership. Scholtus offers a complete range of treats for dogs and cats with a refreshing design and high palatability.

Prior to the introduction of the Boxby range to the pet retail sector and its wholesalers at Interzoo this year in Nürnberg, Boxby partners were invited to a Boxby event at which the tricks of the trade of category management were revealed to the audience besides the latest products.

The Boxby brand will be further developed along these lines. Today’s buzzwords are ‘natural’, ‘hypoallergenic’ and ‘single protein’. With unique formulations that support these key words, Boxby is expanding its coverage of the market.

Private label Scholtus is pleased to cooperate with larger retailers in developing their own lines of private label products. This part of their business has gradually developed since the 1990s and is now the company’s core business.

The market has recently changed and there is now a strong tendency towards taking on available ‘fancy brands’ in pet retail, supermarkets or discounters. In order to respond to this development, Scholtus offers ‘Mr. Goodlad’ as an economy luxury brand. All kinds of training treats and a full dental range are available for all sizes of dogs, including monthly packs for those who do not travel to their retailer on a regular basis.

Category management
Category management in pet retail enables shop owners to distinguish themselves from supermarkets and discounters and with their advisory role they should be able to retain customers throughout the various life stages of dogs and cats. With broad ranges and offers in both high end ranges (such as Boxby) and entry level ranges (such as Mr. Goodlad), there is no reason for pet shops not increasing their treat business regardless of customers’ buying power.

Innovations initially developed for the brands will first become available to the company’s private label clients, while maintaining their position compared to the established top brands.

Anyone looking for the most attractive and comprehensive range of snacks and treats for dogs and cats alike should look no further than Renswoude, the Netherlands.

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About Proline Petfood
Proline Petfood is a business unit of G.H. Prins & Zonen, a Dutch company predominantly active in processing animal by-products. Proline Petfood has been active in drying natural chew products and snacks for dogs for the last 10 years. Proline Petfood offers natural snacks and treats under its Proline and Boxby brands for the specialist pet shops. In addition Proline Petfood offers Private Label solutions. For more information about Proline Petfood, visit its website at

About Scholtus Special Products B.V.
Founded in 1987, Scholtus has a long track record in working closely with leading retailers to attract and retain consumers with a unique offering in pet snacks and treats. Scholtus offers truly customized solutions, not only in packaging but also in product composition and appearance, to help retailers differentiate from their competition. The company has been rewarded with long-lasting relationships with its nearly 90 customers in the pet specialty and For more information about Scholtus, visit its website at